Defining Emerging Technologies

First off, I’m coming into class running a bit behind schedule, and a little shaky on my technology feet, but I’m sure to be figuring things out as we go on this journey this summer.

At first, I didn’t know what this class was, and I only knew it would be a required class to get my masters degree. I’m thinking now, after listening to the recording of the class on Thursday, it is about how technology is used and can be applied in the classroom. Mind you, that I’m a newbie in the use of smart boards in my classroom, and I will be first to tell you that we do some work on line with my class, but I know I could use some more ideas on how to integrate the modern technologies in helping with instruction in my classroom.

The information I get from the defining article, says:

“Emerging Technologies are tools, innovations, and advancements utilized in diverse educational settings (including distance, face-to-face, and hybrid forms of education) to serve varied education-related purposes (e.g., instructional, social, and organizational goals). “
I think we have to be cognizant of how technology will affect our students. I like the fact that we have to be aware of the pros and cons of technology trends that appear. In my coursework, I have come to the conclusion that students drive how we implement best practices in our curriculum. Therefore, learning about the kinds of technologies available and knowing our community of learners will give us the tools to differentiate or challenge our students.
My school district uses video technology classes with teachers teaching in one site and students in different communities because of the small populations in village schools. We also use online courses and now have programs where students can interact via skype and email. There are also multimedia contests that promote the use of technology.
Honestly, other than that, I’m not very familiar. (At least, not yet.)

2 thoughts on “Defining Emerging Technologies

  1. I feel like I am in the same boat. I was behind but I feel that I will get my ground and feel more at ease. I just finished my last week of school so I was busy with that and missed the first class that we had. I was thinking it was Thursday so I started off bumpy as well. That is awesome that you guys skpe. I want to try that with my students some time. I also like the point you make about knowing the technology and your students to differentiate. That is a good point!


  2. We are all learning new ways to educate our kids. One of the things I find most valuable from these classes is the wealth of information that we share. If you get stuck or just need ideas, feel free to post on twitter or send out an email. You are sure to get plenty of ideas. With the variety of technologies available, it is hard to know what may work and what will be a waste of time. Someone in the class may have significant experience with technologies you are interested in. If this class is anything like others I’ve taken, they will be more than happy to share how they use it. Since you are in a district that uses distance delivery with students, you may become our expert in online coursework. I am definitely not a technology expert but I do know that, by the end of this class, I’ll know a lot more than I do now.


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