Week 1 Reflection

Wow, emerging technology is pretty amazing. I learned from lurking on all the amazing blog posts that emerging technology can be used as great tools in our learning environment. Technology is a large part of our society today, and it is how people choose to communicate in the world of instant messaging, twitter feeds, social media like Facebook, etc. People have been exposed to technology in varying degrees and new technology is being made to modify or replace our existing technologies all the time.

Looking at it from a teacher perspective, I read in a few blog posts, including mine, that technology in the classroom helps to differentiate instruction. I also didn’t think of this, but I read from Jason that it becomes a student centered approach. Thanks Mia for the the Emerging Technologies poster! I got to really say, “Hey, I know a little bit more about this.” after I saw that graphic.

I’m nervous and excited to be jumping into this and am fortunate to be able to see all of your ideas to help me see the big picture. Looking forward to next week!


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