Open Learning Reflection…

I have to say that this is quite a learning curve! I never heard of open learning before last week, and now I’ve read my own research and the thoughts of the members of this PLC. I can safely say that I know what open learning is, the degree into which it is implemented at my site now, and that we follow a blended approach.

As I read through the blogs, I started to question how the structure and the implementation process would work, as well as how aligned the curriculum would be to the state standards. I am impressed with Kendra’s blog about how she uses Saxon Math as an independent learning tool starting in the fourth grade. I see this as a way I can take my own students in their own learning. Very exciting!

This type of teaching is definitely promising, especially for differentiation. My own son is in an aviation program online and is in the process of acquiring his private pilots license this summer. It sets him well on his way to become a pilot and he now wants to attend UAA in their aviation program. He also took a required biology class that was not offered in our limited rotations in our site. I see blended learning as a way to fulfill district and state graduation requirements so these are wonderful bonuses.

Even after reading the twitter which I didn’t attend because I was feeling sick, I still have questions about how this would work, and how the resources would look. This might be a good idea for me to do my big project on so that I can find a program much like Kendra’s school or another language arts online class for my higher level elementary and middle school children for me to facilitate while I teach my primary and early elementary students.

Quite an interesting and intriguing theory/pedagogy!


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