My dream IoT

It uses students to build technologies that will help in every day situations. I especially liked the example of reminding people when to take their medications because even if I’m not an elderly person, I would gladly use that device since I don’t have the best memory and being a mother of almost 5, full time teacher, and working toward my reading specialist degree, I need it. 🙂 That idea made me think that when we problem solve, and integrate a technological aspect, it will make life seem easier, therefore making it an IoT, Internet of Things (the internet of things)

Face it, we all have some device that helps us in our day to day, and I’ve come to depend on my cell phone’s self timer, alarm clock, and easy storage of memory for me where I don’t have to remember any phone numbers. My son even showed me an app that he put on his phone that will take a picture of a person who tries to unlock his phone!

The way health care collects data is pretty interesting! I never knew that a product called AliveCore can monitor a heart disease patient. You know even the small cameras being used for surgical procedures, or monitoring the contents of a refrigerator is insane (What is the Internet of Things and Why does it Matter?)

Okay, now it’s my turn to invent something that is beneficial to my students and our area. I have been wondering how salmon are counted in our rivers. Our rivers have been heavily restricted for subsistence fishing and I think this affects more than just my classroom of learners. I would approach this IoT under the guise that fish are counted using weirs and a formula by Cappiello(1998) used people to count with the following formula: “20 min per hour from 1200 to 0600 hours. Twenty-minute counts were conducted for 24 hrs per day at least once per week. Missing hourly counts were estimated using the hourly proportions from days with 24-h counts. Daily salmon passage by species was estimated by multiplying the daily sum of the 20-min counts by 3.” In a math class we can multiply mock numbers of fish and assess how this would benefit our fish counts. We would list how this is beneficial. Pros and cons would be weighed.

I think I would approach this IoT in a way that the students would help build a multi sensor device that comes across different depths because salmon swim in patterns and they also swim in different depths. If we develop a sensor on a rod that crosses at different intersections and measures where they swim and it logs with a video and collects data of how many fish pass a certain area in different locations that send these signals to a computer for analysis, it would show where the salmon go, where their patterns of swimming go, and we can assess what the benefit of this over a human counting on a weir would accomplish or a modern sonar that is only in one shallow spot in the Kuskokwim Bay.

This IoT would not only be useful in math, but also in science and cultural relavent content to promote how we can either conserve or learn the migration patterns of salmon who swim up the Kuskokwim to spawn. (This is my deepest wish.)


Capiello, Thomas. 1998. Kwethluk River Counting Tower Salmon Assessment Project, 1996-1997. Retrieved on June 16 from

The Internet of Things 101

What is the Internet of Things and Why does it Matter?


2 thoughts on “My dream IoT

  1. Congratulations on being a mother of almost 5! I just shared a poem to another blogger about babies and, when finding the author so I could cite it, discovered it is called, “Song for a Fifth Child”. I got a cross-stitch of it before my first child was born. You might appreciate it.

    “Song for a Fifth Child”
    Cobwebs be quiet
    and dust go to sleep.
    I’m rocking my baby
    And babies don’t keep.”
    -Ruth Hulbert Hamilton, Ladies Home Journal, 1958

    My daughter is going to count salmon this summer! As parents my husband and I can hardly wait to hear how it is done! My husband is so neurotic he purchased a $400 IoT device, a satellite track phone that will log her location every 10 minutes. It also has an SOS function and texting capabilities! (Dads and their daughters.) I am curious to discover if it will be worth it… I will share with you if she feels your device would be useful!

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  2. Thanks! I am interested to learn about your daughter’s experience! I hope you keep me posted on this, and where is she going to count fish? It’s interesting about the satellite device to keep track of your daughter. I bet that our cell phones can have that as well.


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