Reflection for Maker Space

Maker Space and the ideas you guys all put on twitter was amazing! Reading for the insight on the blogs was very insightful and I gleaned that all of us have at some point had extension projects in our classrooms that enabled students to use materials for building and creating models of what we were learning in text books.

I was most amazed when I realized without knowing that I use some low-tech semblance of a maker space. I am not working out how I can use materials from home and around school to have students openly build and tinker with materials as extension activities in our classroom this coming school year. That will be fun!

So I am understanding that when we incorporate technology to do research on how something is run and we build a simulation, this can be  a makerspace room. And just imagine adding things like writing extensions to explain, or the scientific method to run an experiment using the material we create as a follow up to a lesson! We can build topography and use maps off the internet to scale our elevations! These are such amazing ideas! Thank you for showing me how I can extend learning and differentiate for the students who use their hands and models to learn! This is awesome, so now I might start collecting materials before school starts. 🙂


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