My Reflection of the IoT: How much is too much and are we becoming too dependent?

I am wondering, is the IoT more invasive than productive? We have the IoT everywhere. I read blogs that remind me that your website searches are tracked, so you see specific ads to the pages we search. My alaska airlines website remembers that I was going to buy tickets, and sends an email to my computer. Amazon has a list of all the things we buy, and has suggestions for us, and then the Prime website also keeps track of the movies was watch, and does the same thing.

Traffic lights, smart cars, smart cities, smart phones. All these things that have sensors? What is the world going to do with all this data? How useful is it to know and keep track of this?

I love the technology in the health field I read because innovations are making data collection of the sick more available.

My school keeps digital records of grades, attendance, and mandated testing scores required by the district and the state. We have to input so many numbers every week, and I do see the advantage of the IoT to keep attendance and breakfast/lunch counts, but can these technologies can go overboard?

Would it become so stressful for a student to be in school if they knew they were monitored 100 percent of the time they’re in school? It makes me nervous when it comes to this because I have had my own rough moments, and needed a break while I was at work to take a small breather. How would that work with kids, when they needed a break?

I don’t know how I feel about IoT in the classroom because we have to monitor the products that sell themselves as things that might make our lives a little easier. I think we should teach people to be able to have face to face communications with each other, and be able to collaborate well together to get their voices heard, but maybe monitoring all the little details could stay out of my realm.

I liked the out of school aspect, like my idea to connect to the fish that swim in the rivers, because that is interactive science and math. There’s even studies being done with the permafrost in our area with some sites helping log information about the level of where the permafrost lies from the surface to the point the tube reaches ice. That is viable scientific data which could teach kids how to track and triangulate data. I liked one of the other blogs idea of having a helper in reading. I’ve seen that accommodation in computer programs where the kids read online, so having that would be good, I think.

You can say that I’m not sure about this one, just yet anyway.


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