BYOD Reflection

My site does not allow personal devices. The administration set up a zero tolerance policy for personal devices saying that it disrupts school time including extra curricular academic and sports activities.

My initial research brought me to the fact that some sites needed technological advances but they didn’t have the money for such devices so they created a BYOD policy to meet the tech needs of their educational component. I also saw that one particular school bought a similar device for students to be able to share.

I am still on the fence with this one because my school district serves 26 sites and we all share a single server. The school district has restricted all social media sites including YouTube and other places that offer video streaming because of bandwidth issues. It also is constantly changing security passcodes as not to get the community to use their internet service. There are only three homes that have limited internet access with slow bandwidth. In a community with 60 people, three households with internet access is very low. Realistically, our community would not do well with a BYOD policy because not many people can afford the newer technological devices. I know of only three students with smart phones, and two families with lap tops. Personally, our community cannot support a technology plan.

My site does have a one-to-one computer access for school reports and research along with using selected sites for a semi-blended classroom to accommodate the mulit-grade classes. If we do have internet access, unlimited bandwidth without all the restrictions, a BYOD policy would be beneficial for my site. There is research out there that does say it works, but not just yet in LKSD.


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