week 10: Crafting with Chibitronics

I started off learning about electronics and the technological advances with the YouTube presentation “How to sketch with electronics.” (Buechley, 2012) The invention of the pen to conduct electricity on paper was simply amazing. To get more information, I watched the chibitronics demonstration from the resources to explore list. It was interesting to see how the electric circuits have a potential to become complicated pieces of LED art (Tu, 2015). This would be good for showing students how the circuits can have a potential for becoming art pieces.

The chibirtonics research I did is similar to the conductive pen, but instead of a pen, it is adhesive copper to conduct electricity. I watched some videos from circuitstickers.com (2014)  and remembered how I personally learned about electric circuits in elementary school. I remember doing experiments with wire, a battery, and a light bulb thinking it was amazing. I connected it to how electricity must travel with circuits and pulses of electricity with switches.

I see the benefit of chibitronics for science class. I watched how to videos and it seems pretty simple to use. I also saw that we can order kits for student use and see how fun it would be to make simple circuits, double circuits, and those things. Chibitronics will be a fun way to  be creative and design cards, or art as well. I can see the possibilities for this. This could possibly lead to research what material is a good conductor of electricity as well.

Creating lighting on clothing is interesting, but I think I’ll stick to paper, especially for the elementary grades and the introduction to circuits. Who knows what else we will be seeing in the forefront of technology. 🙂


Buechley, L. 2012. How to sketch with electronics. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTBp0Z5GPeI

Chibitronics. 2014. Retrieved from circuitstickers.com on July 22, 2015.

Tu, Pu Gong Ying. 2015. Interactive Light Painting: (Dandelion Painting).  Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/40904471 on July 22, 2015,


2 thoughts on “week 10: Crafting with Chibitronics

  1. The conductive pens and tape seem fairly simple to use, yet students could be so creative with them! Currently in my district, one of the 4th grade science units is an introduction to electricity. They learn to build simple circuits using wire, light bulbs, batteries, and later they build switches. Having the conductive tape to build circuits in another way would take the unit to a higher level of learning and it would be fun.


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