Week 10 Reflection

Electronics as a mode of artful expression seemed like it was a distant cultural world away form myself. I didn’t know how easy it was to create LED art through arduino or chibitronics. I was unaware that these “crafts” of electronics were on sale on the internet and that these can be purchased for my classroom.

Chibitronics and the conductive pen, Wow! That by itself is artful technology because of the way you can manipulate the copper wiring to create points for light to occur. Arduino, using a thread to conduct electricity to LED lights is pretty impressive as well. You know, when I was younger the light up shoes were impressive to see. Now people can wear dresses that look like they are part of a christmas tree!

When I did research, my thoughts raced as I looked into the cutting edge technology related to wearable technologies beyond the classroom and it took me to monitoring health issues, aiding the blind with smart glasses.

I even looked at the wearable technologies on sale at amazon. I saw that even GoPro cameras, smart glasses, and small cameras embedded into things you can wear are electronic devices. My colleague has a fitbit and she explained that she and her friends compare how much exercise they get each week using the data collected on her wrist. Those devices make exercise, or taking pictures so simple that it takes the thought and calculation away from yourself. It made my mind connect to microwave dinners and how innovations created ways to just heat food for dinner instead of cooking a meal on the stove. These examples are similar in my opinion because it seems like the technological advances happening are taking the calculation, the planning, and the work out of what you’d do and computer chips and senors are taking the place of what we used to have to do to figure out how many miles we exercise, or take the time to prepare a meal. I don’t know if my rambling makes sense, but technology and the advances in these times are remarkable.

The blogs and twitter this week were interesting as well. Scott persuaded me that there are math components in chibitronics that I hadn’t considered. I’m thankful for Tristan to have helped with the twitter session and gosh, I was so nervous. I hope it really was a good chat. 🙂 Til Next time! (PS I am shocked that I am learning so much.)


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