Video Blog: PS I cannot use YouTube, so here is my MP4! :)

This is the only way I can get a video to upload from my district’s very blocked site. I hope you all can get to it!

I have shared the mp4 from my drive and here is the hotlink:

Please let me know if you cannot view it. I approved anyone with a link to be able to view.


5 thoughts on “Video Blog: PS I cannot use YouTube, so here is my MP4! :)

  1. Barbara- That is awesome that you have to cover both languages. When I went to school all I had was a Yupik class. I think we went there everyday for about 45 minutes or so. I don’t remember because it has been so long. I looked into those donors as well. Sounds like ones that will donate. Sounds like a great project! I like how they will present them at the end. Rubric looks great! Nice job!


  2. Barbara,

    Some of the the things that really stood out to me in your proposal were when you said that having a makerspace will allow students to make connections between their culture and learning and they will make connections between technology and learning. I like how you have specific examples of starting materials. I forgot to do that in my presentation! I added to the Unsung Heroes Grant to my list of possible funding sources! I hope you get your makerspace!


  3. Barbara–a makerspace was my original project idea. I love how you mentioned using items people already had on hand like tools, craft supplies, and knitting needles. It’s sad that some children don’t have access to this activities at home, giving them the time, space, and opportunity to do higher level thinking that your rubric is looking for them to demonstrate. We all like what we like and tend not to have other items on hand…why not gather these items together and give children the opportunity to touch and learn! It would also be an opportunity for some student experts to step up and become teachers to their peers as well. Good luck!!

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